City Of Mecca (Demo Game)

A Demo Game Made with Great Team At "Art technologies" Co. Story Line You are the Mayor of Makkah, the most holy and popular city among the Muslims community. As The Mayor your biggest challenge is to plan and reconstruct the city to Achieve the ultimate goal of accommodating a growing number of pilgrims each year. As a player you will be traveling across different historical period of time to explore the old scenes of Makkah that is a hundred years old. While discovering your talent in accomplishing this mission, your friends can benefit from your experience through exchanging resources and gifts. The City of Makkah is a social mobile interactive game where players from all over the Arabic and Islamic world can play the game online and can interact with each other. The City of Makkah is a city building game where the players travel across different historical period of time and build their own city of Makkah. The players design the city and its neighborhoods in a creative way using different tools to accommodate more pilgrims visiting the city. historical building together with the imagination of the players contributes to create fantastic virtual realities to the same city.

3D Modeling ConceptArt
2D Character Design
2D ConceptArt (Digital Art)
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